For those who want more comfort, especially in the big cities, Renault now offers the Sandero and Logan models an economical, fuel-efficient solution at a very attractive price. This is the modern five-speed Easy’R automated transmission, which arrives at the models as an option in the 1.8-liter engine versions (Expression and Dynamique) for R $ 2,400. In addition to the practicality, another advantage of the automated gearbox is the low fuel consumption, about 20% lower than that of a conventional automatic gearbox (with torque converter). The automated gearbox, unlike the conventional automatic, has a clutch and a mechanical gearbox similar to the manual version. An electronic system controls the clutch and switches automatically.

In Easy’R, the gearshift is carried out in an electronic way. The driver can also choose to shift gears manually sequentially with touches on the gearshift lever. There is also the possibility of driving in a more economical or sporting way automatically, because the system adapts to the driving style of the driver. In case of sudden accelerations (the so-called “kick down”), the Easy’R exchange will make the exchanges making driving safer or allowing a safer ride. To facilitate parking maneuvers, the Easy’R features the Creeping function, which causes the vehicle to move slowly with the foot off the brake when the vehicle is engaged in first gear or reverse. Creeping also assists ramps up to 4 degrees of incline. With the Easy’R exchange, the Sandero Expression 1.6 8V has a suggested price of $ 43,000 and the SanderoDynamique, $ 47,180. The Logan Expression 1.6 8V comes out for $ 45,490 and the Logan Dynamique for $ 50,180.

The Easy’R gearbox uses the German ZF electro-electronic system and was developed over 3 years, with more than one million kilometers running on test benches and dynamic tests in the new Sandero and Logan on three continents. At Renault, this technology makes its world debut in Brazil. Sandero and Logan have a factory warranty of 3 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. The model maintenance plan provides for periodic revisions to be made at intervals of 10,000 kilometers or for each year of use. By dividing the total cost of the maintenance program by the number of days of the three-year warranty, the result is a maintenance cost of around $ 1 per day (for non-air-conditioned versions) – one of the lowest categories. For your car protection choose bmw m3 car covers.


Following the success of the first edition, Renault this month launches the limited series Rip Curl for the new generation of the SanderoStepway. Made in partnership with the famous Australian fashion brand surfwear, the new limited series is intended for consumers looking for a complete hatch, with attractive design and differentiated details for those who catch waves or enjoy an adventure. With a planned production of 4,600 units, the SanderoStepway Rip Curl was designed not only for surfers, but also for young-minded customers who like to break the day-to-day routine. The successful partnership between Renault and Rip Curl is repeated for the second time in Brazil – in Europe, limited series of Clio and Twingo have also been sold in conjunction with the Australian brand. The two companies have values ​​and a common philosophy: they both value technology and respect the environment.

“This new limited series unites the versatility of the Stepway with the Rip Curl personality. It’s a car for those who do not see the limit between asphalt and sand, “says Bruno Hohmann, Renault’s Director of Marketing. Aesthetic details allow the identification of this new limited series from Renault. Externally, the Sandero Step Curve Rip Curl has mirrors, wheels and bars in the ceiling in stainless steel. In the front doors, just below the mirrors, a sticker with the inscription ‘Rip Curl’ identifies the model. The sticker is also on the doorstep. In the interior, highlight the sports seats with exclusive coating, with inspiration in the neoprene, the same used in the rubber clothes of the surfers. In black, the seats have red details and the Rip Curl logo on the backrests. The hoops of the air vents and the speedometer are also red in color, highlighting the sportiness of the hatch and alluding to the color of the Australian brand’s logo. “We are happy to have this partnership with Renault again. The SanderoStepway Rip Curl takes into account the important needs of surfers, such as split bipartite rear and high suspension, ensuring comfort to drive in search of the best conditions for surfing our extensive coastline, “says Fernando Gonzalez, Rip Curl Marketing Manager at Brazil.

With a suggested price of R $ 54,650 for the manual transmission version and R $ 57,450 for the automated Easy’R, the SanderoStepway Rip Curl comes with automatic air conditioning, autopilot (limiter and speed controller), parking sensor , power steering and trio electric (windows, locks and mirrors), among other items. With Media NAV Evolution, which is also standard equipment, the driver can safely explore all destinations with GPS, which provides real-time traffic information. And you can easily reach the beaches with the best waves, find a hostel with the AHA application, tune in more than 100,000 radios online and share your search through the updates sent by Facebook and Twitter on the panel’s integrated screen and sensitive to Touch. This multimedia system also features the Eco-Coaching functions, which guides the driver to drive more economically, and Eco-Scoring, which evaluates the driver’s driving at the end of a course, taking into account the right time for the exchange of speed, consumption and the mileage traveled. The only options are the Easy’R automated transmission and the alloy wheels – standard features the 205/55 R16 flex wheel. The limited series is available in the colors White Neige, Preto Nacre, Silver Étoile and Vemelho Vivo.


The SanderoStepway Rip Curl has 1.6 8V Hi-Power and manual or automated Easy’R transmission option, both five-speed. This engine generates 106 hp when fueled with ethanol and 98 hp with gasoline. The maximum torque is 152 Nm with ethanol and 142 Nm with gasoline. An important factor is the availability of torque from 1,500 rpm, ensuring agility and faster speed returns. To enhance the economic performance of the engine, the Novo SanderoStepway is equipped with a manual gearbox with gearshift indicator, which suggests to the driver when to reduce or increase the gear to better take advantage of the characteristics of the fuel economy.

About Rip Curl

What began in 1969 as a vision, or quest, of two surfers, grew as a unique identity, a lifestyle and a philosophy that has spread and is being embraced by surfers and boardwalkers worldwide. Rip Curl remains a privately held company, made up of surfers for surfers, its leaders are also product testing pilots. Today, it develops, produces and distributes a wide variety of innovative high quality products including rubber garments, where it is reference for its excellence in technology and product quality, tidal watches, seamless water shorts, shoes, sunglasses, accessories and equipment for various plank sports in more than 60 countries around the world. Rip Curl sponsors big names in world surfing, such as Brazil’s Gabriel Medina, the current world surfing champion.


An exclusive version of Trafic was presented by Renault Holland. The version was denominated Formula Edition and will be limited to only 50 units. Inspired by motor sport, the version will only be available with the 1.6 DCi engine, which has two turbos producing 140 horsepower. The main changes in the model are in its design, where, in addition to the contrasting red and blue decals, features a sporty bumper with built-in splitter in the front and wheels in black gloss of 17 inches. The interior follows the same contrast of the exterior with red and blue, as can be seen in the designation “Formula Edition” embroidered on the sports seats. The special and limited edition of the Renault Trafic also reinforces the offer of equipment, including automatic climate control, cruise control and the touch screen to access the infotainment system.


The original Twingo was released in 1993 and discontinued in 2007, time enough to win admirers, thanks to the peculiar characteristics. In its second generation it grew, it gained sport appeal in the RS version and it continued with only two doors, which limited its sales. Today Renault shows the third generation, with a different strategy. The body is now four-door, the rounded lines refer to the original Twingo, the hood is short and looks like a legitimate urban car. The most interesting, however, is under the bodywork. The engine and traction are rear, as in the classic Volkswagen. While you think of the play that can be done with a rear-wheel drive car, Renault justifies its choice, stating that the configuration allows better use of space and reduction of the turning diameter of the car, since the front wheels can be more steep, useful for tight spots.

The length will be close to the expected 3.5 meters for the Smart Forfour, which will make use of the same platform and engines. The range of propellers will feature three-cylinder options, such as the 0.9 developed by Mercedes with direct injection and powers between 85 and 109 hp. In addition to the manual transmission, an automated dual clutch will be offered. A two-port version should not be discarded. The look of the trolley was anticipated by two concepts, the Twin’Z, four-door, and Twin’Run, two doors and 324 hp. The official presentation of the car is scheduled for Geneva, but Renault already said that the level of personalization will be one of the highlights of the car, something we can only conclude from the photos in the gallery below. Despite showing several pictures of the cart, the mark is due to images of the interior.


Renault announced a new special edition of Twingo based on the Intens version and christened Cosmic. The special edition features black rearview mirrors, decorative banners, 16-inch alloy wheels and can be ordered in four body color options. The interior features leather and fabric upholstery, exterior color decorations, leather-wrapped steering wheel, automatic air conditioning system, new custom rugs and the R & GO infotainment system.


– The top-of-the-line version comes with black and red combinations

Renault presented the top-of-the-line version of Twingo. Named Dynamique S, the sports package features aluminum pedals, black and red leather seats, 16-inch alloy wheels and multifunction steering wheel. The front has LED headlights and remodeled grille. The mirrors are electrically heated, come in the black and red combination, following the tone of the decals and side friezes. Among the main features of the compact are: a notice of change of track and Cruise Control. Already the power is offered by the turbo engine 0.9 TCe, which delivers 90 hp and 135 Nm of torque. The model takes 10.8 seconds to reach 100 km / h and the top speed is 166 km / h. According to Renault, Twingo Dynamique S will be sold only in the UK market in colors: Crystal White, Black Diamond and Flame Red.